Ok friends. Time for a little informative rant. I’ve seen several questions lately on…

Ok friends. Time for a little informative rant. I’ve seen several questions lately on forums about pre barreled kits. First off assembling an AK is nothing like building an AR platform rifle…FACT. If you do not have specialty knowledge and equipment…..don’t waste your money. It will cost you more in the long run. If you take the time to buy the tools to rivet an AK together at least take the time to do it right. The correct way to rivet an AK front trunnion is to do it without the barrel in place. If you can accomplish that. The barrel must still be re installed correctly. Pressing a barrel back in from the muzzle is WRONG!!! pressing against barrel shoulder is the correct way. At the worst the rear sight base. I can not begin to tell the stories I have seen from this mistake. Next head space ABSOLUTELY!!!!! has to be correct. (my point of this post) just pressing it back in till the barrel pin divot lines up will not get it. Correct head space is a window of only a few thousandths of an inch. I have seen so many rifles in the shop where the builder did this and the head space was way too much. The response is always “Well the barrel pin went in.” Of course it did. You force clearanced the difference and shaved off a couple thousandths of barrel. Now it has to be over sized pinned. MOST IMPORTANT HERE…Head space MUST be confirmed with gauges. Tape on a spent case bullshit does not get it. Use factory gauges from the same maker to confirm your work. If your head space is a bit tight but it will take a live round run it. You will probably be ok. If you have to really force it on a live round you will probably end up having function issues.There is not an easy out when assembling an AK. Do it right guys so you can shoot safely.

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