Do you remember? Me being the Dolt I don’t remember a lot of dates.…

Do you remember?

Me being the Dolt I am…..I don’t remember a lot of dates. I do remember where I was when Ronald Regan got shot and most Definitely recall where I was when the towers fell. We were K-9 training at the old farm on River Islands. We got a page. Yes a page from dispatch to get to a TV ASAP, there had been a possible terror attack. We did not know if more attacks would occur nation wide. My house was the closest so we all headed there. We were able to get there in time to watch the towers fall. One of the few monumental occurrences I can actually recall when, and where. Let’s NOT let these people die in vain!!!! That same evil is slowly creeping into our country and will some day wake like a sleeping giant. Be ready, Be vigilant, Be prepared.

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