If you would like to display your "InRange" weapons, send us your photos as well as your own testimonial.  We'll be happy to post them for you.  Just send them to InRange97@aol.com

Troy Sellars of InRange has never let me down.  Super customer service and quality on all my builds.  Both Krinkovs had flawless functioning at Knob Creek.  The RPK has a special place in the gun vault and only comes out on special occasions.  Thanks again Troy, you do wonderful work!!     ~Troy D.~  "Krinkfreak"


I know Troy is a top builder of Kalashnikov weapons. But he works on other weapons as well.  He did a beautiful job on this Original AR10. Very professional and fast as usual.  Thanks ! ~ Dan G. ~ "Timkel"



Troy is the best! I have tried other smith's but Troy is the only one that I will go back too. This SAR is a custom job. Love it to death and runs great. ~ Clayton Davis ~ "AK-O'HOLIC"

Russian Laminated Handguards, and a Form 1 Short Barrel Rifle  done right.  Doesn't she look good now!  She stays locked up in the safe, for her own good.  Call me, I want you to build another for me and need your input.   ~ Bill B. ~  "AKE" 


I sent Troy a rifle that had been butchered by another gun smith.  Before I sent Troy the rifle I thought a restoration would be a lost cause due to the degree of damage inflicted by the original gun smith, but Troy really came through.  The repairs he made were absolutely flawless and so was his rivet work.  I would highly recommend Troy based not only on his skill as a gunsmith, but also because of his excellent customer service and his fast turn around.  Troy was true to his word during the entire course of our deal and I could not have asked for more.  ~ Josh ~  "K1196A"

Troy Sellars at InRange knows how to build the AKS-74U.  I experienced very professional work, attention to detail, reasonable prices, fast turnaround and delivery date was as promised.  It was a pleasure to do business with Troy at InRange.  Did I also say 100% reliability and positive ejection. The AKS-74U is a very fine weapon and lots of fun to shoot.  My next build will definitely be going to Troy. ~ Dan ~ "Timkel"


After being banned on one board for asking who a "good krink builder" was, I was introduced to Troy Sellars at Knob Creek.  After speaking with Troy at length, I determined he was technically and tactically proficient and well versed with the AK weapon system.  I decided to have him build my 5.45 Krinkov and what I have is a result of his expertise.  A flawless fit and superior functioning weapon. Thanks Troy!  ~ Terry ~ "Treadmarks"

Troy, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Krinkov you built for me.  The gun functions like a dream.  ~ Jim ~ "Augydog"

Troy, I just wanted to stop and say thanks for your recent addition to my collection. The workmanship that went into my most recent addition is unbelievable. The attention to fit, form and finish makes this AK74 one of the most prized in my collection. The pride in your work shows and I plan on "spreading the word". The ease in which you communicate, and the delivery on time make you and your operation a shining star in today's time.Enclosed are a few images of that Bulgarian 74 and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am. Keep up the great work and I'll be doing business with you again very soon.  ~ Drew ~ "Hbarski" 

I can't say enough good things about Troy, and the folks at InRange C2.  I knew that I wanted some custom 74s, but finding someone to complete the task was difficult.  This is when I ran across  Troy at InRange . Once I spoke with him on the phone I knew that he took pride in his work, and keeping his word. (yes, you can actually speak to him on the phone!) When the completed gun came back (a short wait mind you), I knew that I had made the correct choice. The gun was exactly what I wanted! Fair price, honest completion time, and excellent work, what more could a person ask for! Troy will be doing my next 2 projects for me! Thanks guy! ~ Barry ~ "Rotdorn"

Troy, just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the recent addition to my collection.  This weapon is absolutely beautiful.  Your attention to detail is beyond reproach.  I can't believe how smooth the action is when racking the bolt...If I didn't know any better, I'd swear it was a Galil !!  Thanks again for all you do at In Range.  ~ Troy D. ~ "Krinkfreak"

This is a custom rifle from Troy Sellars of InRangeC2. Note the seamless look to the brake. The rifle is totally refinished in KG Finish O.D. Green. Electronic optics were added to the scope rail that InRangeC2 welded on, and lastly, OD Green US made furniture was added to complete the package.  This rifle was built for 3-Gun competitive shooting, and is fast handling, accurate, and easy to shoot with the RSA adjustable trigger and excellent muzzle brake. ~ "Red Star Arms" ~

Thanks to Troy, Christy and "Big Country" for the fine job done on my Bulgarian  AK74 Kit. The rifle fires flawlessly! Very clean rivit work and a great finish! If you have a project this is the place to have it done right the first time!!! Thanks again IN RANGE!!! ~ Matt in NH ~

Photos not available yet

I finally shot the 7.62 Krink (SBR) that Troy Sellars built for me a few months ago.  The weapon was built on a Poly AK I picked up from another good man, Al Tridenti up in New York and put together with a Bulgarian kit from K-VAR.  If a krinkov should be in the Smithsonian, this would be the one.  The rifle is tight as a drum and I mean everything, forearm, sidefolder, everything. The finish was flawless. The gun runs like a top. I only shot 250 rounds for lack of time but the thing never skipped a beat.  I don't know if it is common to get this type of accuracy with krinkovs but the whole second 30 rounder that I shot standing at 25 yards ended up in one ragged 2 inch hole with the damn open sights. Anything that I decide to do in the future will be sent to Troy. This was a long time coming as I had taken delivery of the weapon a few months ago. Troy was a pleasure to do business with and always kept in touch and his wife is a Sweetheart.  They are a great asset to the CIII world. Thanks again and happy holidays.  ~ John ~ 

Thanks for the excellent work. ~ Tom B. ~

Got to say that I am truly impressed with Troy's work and his ability to answer all the questions. As soon as I get a little time I am going to take some pics of my Krink with the Russian hg's etc--just started back to school the day after I received it. Hope to shoo this weekend. I will give a full report as soon as i get it shot!  Thanks Troy! ~ Sumoj275 ~

I have to say that I am impressed with the quality that Troy puts in his rebuilds. The finish is awesome and I enjoyed just watching the perfect arc that the brass makes when it ejects.  Both rifles shot flawlessly, not one failure to feed or failure to eject. Thanks Troy!  ~Cobra-AK~

Here is the latest addition to my AK family.  Bulgarian AK74 in olive Drab. Thanks to Troy for yet another quality build and finish. The rivet job is superb! Cant wait to send out my next project! ~ Matt in "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire ~

"Another great build by Troy at InRange. It was finished before promised.  Many early Russian features including a heavy barrel assembly, 2-tang buttstock, 2- piece pistol grip, slab side mag, stamped receiver sans mag dimples, and blued finish.  Thanks Troy!   ~ Timkel ~

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