Sample of our rivets

Post Sample milled receiver AKS-74S / 7.62X39mm pic2.JPG (71785 bytes)   Post sample Saiga .410 Shotgun in Full Auto
Post Sample AKS-74U / 5.45x39mm pic3.JPG (74147 bytes)   pic11.jpg (10937 bytes) Post sample
Post Ban short barreled rifle built from a SAR II pic4.JPG (71332 bytes)   pic12.JPG (12882 bytes) Post Sample PK light machinegun
Post ban short barreled rifle built on a milled receiver pic5.JPG (67819 bytes)   pic13.JPG (25210 bytes) Tripod mounted PKM
Post Ban milled RPK semi-auto in 7.62x39mm pic6.jpg (93430 bytes)   pic14.JPG (15499 bytes) Our largest completed batch of Krinkovs
Post Ban semi-auto AMD-65, 16" and legal pic7.jpg (148550 bytes)   pic15.JPG (18724 bytes) Christy at one
of the engravers
Post Sample
pic8.JPG (69153 bytes)   pic16.JPG (20338 bytes) Christy on the RPK
Post Sample RPK with  "retro finish" pic9.JPG (14566 bytes)   pic16.JPG (20338 bytes)  Christy on the Krinkov
The Tale of Two Troys   pic16.JPG (20338 bytes) My partner and I
at our previous job. Our largest bust, by the way!

"All NFA and 922r Rules Apply"

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