"All NFA and 922r Rules Apply"


Q.  I sit at home and watch a lot of television and movies and have seen people build machine guns.  What separates you from the riff-raff building machineguns?

A.  Well, let me first say that what you see on television and movies may not necessarily reflect reality and is reflective of the thought processes of the Political Left and Hollywood Liberal types...maybe you should turn-off the television and get out a little more?  To go on record, I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) and my wife still serves as a full-time LEO, and we are legally licensed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) to manufacture select-fire weapons for sale to the US Military and Law Enforcement Agencies only.  We are also licensed by the BATFE to repair “civilian-owned” transferable Class 3 weapons.  Most of the Class 3 weapons we do repair work on are valued in the $5000-$8000 dollar range.  We don’t believe people you describe as riff-raff can afford these types of weapons, nor do we see ourselves (as full-time LEOs, respected business owners, and law-abiding citizens) as riff-raff.  In Range C2 is a registered corporation and holds a valid Business License in the State of Tennessee and Sevier County.  We also possess a current Type 07 Federal Firearms License/Special Occupation Tax (FFL/SOT) with the Federal Government and abide by all National Firearm Act (NFA) and Section 922r rules and regulations.    

Q.  Do you stock completed custom rifles?

A.  No.  We are way too busy and focus all of our efforts and attention working on our customer's projects.

Q.  Production rifles vary in cost from $300-$800, and there are a lot of choices.  Why should I have a custom rifle built?

A.  Because custom rifles are individually built by a gunsmith, not an assembly line...custom rifles will be more valuable over time...custom rifles allow individual choice (whatever you want)...custom rifles can use military grade components (kits are the real thing, not post-ban, and not made cheap to sell to USA, etc.)

Q.  So just how long is this process going to take (having a custom build)?

A.  Our custom builds are usually done within 6 months.  This depends on our current work load and other jobs in progress.  As we stated above, we focus all of our efforts and attention on our customer's projects.  We feel very strongly when it comes to customer service - customer communication, and always make sure you know up front before you send your project to us.

Q.  What, exactly, do I have to do to have a custom rifle built?  Is there some special paperwork involved?

A.  There's no special paperwork involved at all.  All you have to do is contact us via telephone, or use our "Ask the Gunsmith" link on our website.  We have standard "set" prices for just about everything we do.  If your project calls for something unique, then we'll provide you with a quote based on current rates.

Q. Can I ship my rifle to InRange directly, or do I have to have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) Dealer ship it to InRange?  Can InRange ship it back to me directly?

A.  You can ship a rifle direct through all three major carriers.  If it is shipped from you the it can be shipped back directly to you.  FFL involvement only occurs if there is an ownership issue involved.

Q.  My SAR/WASR/MAADI/ always goes "Bang" but looks pretty rough, what can InRange do to make it look better?  Can you make it perform better?

A.  We can do a multitude of things to your rifle (Debur, Refinish, Action jobs, Fire Control Group improvement, Barrel crowning, Muzzle brake installations, etc.) but our main focus has been, and always will be, reliability and functionality.

Q.  I really want a weapon with a folding stock.  Can you modify my weapon to allow the stock to fold?  And with all the discussion on many gun boards, what do you consider a pre-ban?

A.  Yes, we do folding stock conversions on all rifles since the Assault Weapons Ban has expired.  A "pre-ban" is considered to have been built or imported to the U.S. prior to the 1989 import restrictions.

Q.  I have a thumbhole stock rifle, can InRange convert it to a pistol grip rifle and install the necessary parts to make it legal?

A.  Yes, we can convert your rifle to pistol grip configuration and ensure it complies with 922r.  However, the customer must provide all U.S. parts for the conversion.  We do encourage customers to become involved in The AK Forum.  There's a wealth of information available, and sometimes customers can accomplish their own conversions.  But nonetheless, we can help those who prefer our services.

Q.  I have a Saiga with a hunting rifle stock, can InRange convert this to a pistol grip configuration?  What parts will I need?

A.  Yes, It will require all the same 922r parts that any other AK would, plus a front handguard ring.

Q.  I really like the look of the Krinkov without the fake can, do I need a license to own something like that?  Can an average guy own an SBR?  What is an SBR?

A.  SBR is a Short Barreled Rifle (basically a rifle with a barrel length of less than 16 inches).  If your state allows SBRs then you can own one if you can legally purchase a firearm.

Q.  Does an SBR have to meet 922r?

A.  No.  Since they fall under the NFA category of weapons, you may use imported parts in a SBR.

Q.  What about caliber conversions?

A.  When converting a Pre-Ban to 5.45 we recommend the Norinco .223.  The magazines latch correctly without modification.  It can be done on others, but it's more time consuming.

Q.  I have an aftermarket receiver for my project, can you remove the import marks?

A.  No.  By law, we cannot remove import marks.  We can however, relocate import marks.  Only the original manufacturer or importer can remove or alter any markings or numbers.

Q.  I found quite a few gunsmiths building Krinkovs.  What makes your Krinkov different from other's?

A.  When we assemble the weapon, we make sure everything is correct just as it would be when it leaves the factory.  Our rivit work is done utilizing an aviation rivit squeezer, not an air chisel.

Q.  I'm missing a few parts to complete my kit.  Do you stock parts?

A.  We do stock most 922r parts (fire control group, gas piston, pistol grips, etc.).  We do keep a small inventory of miscellaneous small parts for Kalashnikov weapons.  We can also recommend other sources for any parts that you may need.  

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